so, lets talk about love...

last project we sought out to take everyone back to the roots of who we are -- this time around we wanted to take you guys a little deeper.

we deemed this project, "love languages". this project in many ways speaks to the ethos of ugly. we've all been told that love is the only language in existence that has no boundaries. well here at ugly, as you may know... we like to push those limits. ugly is and always will be centered around positivity and fellowship. the way we communicate and carry ourselves with one another is invaluable when considering how close we become as friends; unapologetic but love always being the main intention. ugly is love and we're sure you can love with your ugly side too.

with the use of vibrant and eclectic colors, along with witty quotes we curated pieces that embody our love language. we sincerely hope you enjoy all elements of this project.

a portion of project 004's proceeds will be donated to One Love Foundation, in efforts to support victims of domestic violence.
please follow @uglycloth for more details.